Tenancy Agreement

TENANCY AGREEMENT between ______, the Landlord and _______ , the Tenant.  The Landlord agrees to rent to the Tenant and the Tenant agrees to rent from the Landlord room number B1 and B2 at 215 Ponymeadow Terrace, Toronto, Ontario M1C 4W2, hereinafter referred to as the Rented Premises for a monthly rental of $### for a term beginning START to END.  Utilities are included (heat, water, electricity).  The Tenant shall exercise reasonable care and diligence in the use of any utility supplied by the Landlord.  The Tenant agrees to vacate the Rented Premises by 12:00 noon on the final day of this tenancy agreement unless a new tenancy agreement is signed.  If the Tenant chooses to leave before the lease period, the tenant forfeits last months rent.  Upon termination of the tenancy, the Tenant shall give vacant possession and deliver all keys of the Rented Premises to the Landlord.  If the Tenant chooses to leave before the lease period, the tenant forfeits last month’s rent.  The Tenant shall not permit the Rented Premises to be occupied by anyone other than the person listed as a Tenant.

Rental cheques are payable to Reng Wen Liu.  Rent paid by anyone other than the Tenant named in the agreement shall be deemed to have been paid on behalf of the Tenant.

The Tenant shall exercise reasonable care and diligence in the use of any utility supplied by the Landlord.

The Tenant shall not permit a dog, cat, or other animal, bird, reptile or pet of any kind to be kept or allowed on, in or about the Rented Premises.  Waterbeds are not permitted.  No removal of bedding for outside use.

All garbage shall be wrapped in plastic or disposable garbage bags and tied and sorted if required and placed in areas designated by the Landlord.  Removal of garbage to curb once per week and garbage cans to be returned to the area.

Tenants, except in the case of an emergency, shall not call on any person not employed by the Landlord to effect any repair or maintenance of the Rented Premises.

The Tenant shall not permit the painting or wallpapering of any portion of the Rented Premises.

Except if repairs or replacements are required by normal wear and tear, the Tenant shall be responsible for all repairs and replacement in the Rented Premises to the original condition including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, electronics, broken glass, torn screens, damaged light fixtures, plugged toilets and plugged sink drains.

The Tenant shall not alter or add to the locking system on any door giving direct entry to the rented premises without written permission by the Landlord.

Where the tenancy is for a fixed term, the Tenant shall not sublet the rent premises for a term, which ends after the fixed term.  The Tenant acknowledges that, in the event the Rented Premises is sublet, the Tenant shall continue to be bound by all of the provisions of this tenancy agreement, including the obligation to pay rent, until such time as the tenancy is terminated.  The Tenant further acknowledges that any subtenant must vacate the premises and the Tenant must deliver vacant possession of the rented premises upon termination of this tenancy agreement.  It is acknowledged that any rent paid by the Subtenant to the Landlord shall be deemed to be paid on behalf of the Tenant but only during the term of the Subtenancy approved by the Landlord.

Landlord shall not in any event whatsoever be liable or responsible in any way for:

  1. Any personal injury or death that may be suffered or sustained by the Tenant, an occupant, or any member of the Tenant’s family, his agents or guests or any other person who may be upon the Rented Premises or

  2. Any losses of or damage or injury to any property including cars and contents thereof belonging to the Tenant or to any member of the Tenant’s family or to any other person while such property is on the rented premises or

  3. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any damages to any such property caused by steam, water, ground water, rain or snow which may leak into, issue or flow from any part of the rented premises or sprinkler or drainage pipes or plumbing works of the same or from any place or quarter or

  4. Any damage caused by or attributable to the condition or arrangement of any electrical or other wiring; or

  5. Any damage caused by anything done or omitted to be done by the tenants; or

In the event of a breakdown of the electrical or mechanical systems, the Landlord shall not be liable for damages or personal discomfort; however the Landlord shall carry out repairs with reasonable diligence.

The Tenant shall not do, bring or keep anything in the Rented Premises, or permit or suffer such act, which will in any way create a risk of fire.  Barbecuing on balconies or making of fires shall not be permitted in or about the rented premises.  No smoking allowed in the Rented Premises.


If the Tenant has any person(s) staying overnight for more than 2 days in any consecutive 30 days, the tenant must notify the Landlord in advance. The cost is $50 per night to cover the cost of utilities. If the Tenant chooses to share the room with any person(s), the cost is $150 per month per person.

The Tenant shall not cause, permit or suffer any noise or interference, which is disturbing to the comfort or reasonable enjoyment of the Rent Premises by the Landlord or any other Tenant.

The sidewalks, entry, passageways and stairways used in common shall not be obstructed or used from any purpose other than proper access to and from the Rented Premises.  Bicycles shall be kept only in areas designated by the Landlord.

The Tenant agrees to immediately notify the Landlord of any malfunction of any smoke detector supplied by the Landlord and the Landlord agrees to service same provided that:

  1. The Landlord shall furnish a battery for each smoke detector requiring same at the time the Tenant takes possession of the Rented Premises, which battery shall thereafter be replaced as needed from time to time by the Tenant.

  2. The Landlord shall not be responsible for servicing the smoke detectors if the malfunction is due to tampering or adjustments made thereto or removal thereof by the Tenant or his guest and the Tenants shall reimburse the Landlord for any expenses incurred for replacement or servicing of the equipment if the malfunction is so caused.


The Tenant shall, during the entire period of this tenancy and nay renewal thereof, at his sole cost and expense, obtain and keep in full force and effect, fire and property damage and public liability insurance in an amount to cover your possessions.

The Tenant acknowledges that, prior to signing this Tenancy Agreement the Tenant has read this Tenancy Agreement and consents to the terms, covenants, conditions and provisions herein.

Move in date:    DATE

Home Address: ADDRESS

Dated this DATE


Tenant (print): ______    Signature: ____________________________

Landlord: ________  Signature:_____________________________

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